Curt Strickland

Curt Strickland considers photography to be a spiritual pursuit, a quest to capture the hidden beauty that graces our planet. He seeks to capture the awe of the world that surrounds us, to make visible the beauty hidden in the mundane. He seeks to reveal the beauty that permeates our environment, but which we often ignore or fail to see.

He believes

“a great image touches the soul, inspiring our better natures to rise, to be inspired…Artists are on the front lines of changing society, of envisioning new worlds, new realities, and as a photographer, I humbly seek to answer that call.”

Curt tells stories though themes, color, texture, line, and pattern. The true mission of his art, shared across all types, is to connect us:

“to heal, offer hope, inspire, challenge, to remind us of our common humanity.”

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