Edward Kunzelman

For Ed Kunzelman, photography creates the opportunity to look at the world in a special way that we don’t see in the fast lane of our interstate highways – capturing the little things most people would fly right by. Having a camera in hand is a good excuse to slow down and observe. Photography motivates him to look deeper, beneath the surface of vague impressions and beyond the obvious; looking for distinctive patterns and textures, or sometimes simply the overwhelming beauty of this place we all inhabit. The process of composing a picture gradually eliminates background and distracting elements until just the essence of the subject remains. It’s the picture within the picture. Whether it’s the vast landscape, a flower, or chunk of rusted machinery, a great picture will reveal something new and interesting.

Ed aims to make pictures that are visually interesting with rich textures and detail. Sharpness, exposure and contrast have to be executed well, and abundant detail must be rendered in the print in order for it to have the greatest amount of impact upon the viewer. After all, it’s the ability of the camera lens to render detail that even the human eye has trouble discerning which distinguishes photography from all other art forms.

Based in Grand Junction, 20 miles from the border of Colorado and Utah, the landscape provides much of the subject matter for his photographs. However, his attraction to the smallest detail as much as the grand view means he looks deeper into man-made subjects as well. He is as happy looking in a junk yard around town for interesting images as the most spectacularly scenic areas of nearby mountains. Rich texture and detail – the subject of his pictures – can be found anywhere, if one has the inclination to look.

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