Kevin Eatinger

Kevin Eatinger is best known for his gorgeous architectural photographic imagery. He captures uniquely composed perspectives, sharp geometric views, and vivid structural descriptions. Kevin is a self-taught artist. His influences include Cubist, Expressionist, and other painting styles that explore geometric abstraction. Combined with a love of architecture and architectural photography, his inspirations, originality, and artistry have flourished into a distinct approach.

Kevin investigates new explanations of architecture and geometry through photography. In particular, he explores the thought and techniques found in Cubism, Futurism, and abstract art. Considering various treatments with camera and digital processing, Kevin creates stunning, intriguing visuals. His body of work, “Geometrispective”, exhibits unique definitions of architectural form and expression.

Kevin’s professional background formed in commercial art. He worked as an illustrator, creative designer, and photographer. Through his experiences, he learned from the many artists and designers who are his colleagues and friends. Kevin creates imagery for advertising, editorial, and commissions for corporate and private clients. His appreciation, experimentation, and work in the photographic medium continue.

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