Mark Witzling

Mark Witzling’s artistic journey evolved from representational oil painting to pure abstraction. He became fascinated with abstract expressionism and abstract oil painting to express himself.  He finds the solitary practice of painting meditative and at times, almost a form of prayer – to be “in the zone”.

Witzling’s inspiration is multi-layered. His paintings tackle intangible concepts while using strong color. He builds up layers of paint then excavates them to bring forth a contrast of colors and textures.  He uses oil paint and malleable cold wax medium to achieve these visual effects and realize his creative visions. Witzling rarely uses paint brushes. Instead, he works with tools like pastry scrapers, rollers, sticks, and even old credit cards to apply and move paint around the surface. The result is often bold, sometimes subtle, and always, at least to the artist, optimistic, delightful, and engaging.

Witzling studied in studios across the United States from New Mexico to Wisconsin and Montana. His work appears in the book Cold Wax Medium – Techniques, Concepts, Conversations (Squeegee Press, 2017). In 2017, he participated in the prestigious St. Louis Art Fair Emerging Artist program. In 2018, he was an artist-in-residence at Chateau Orquevaux, Champagne-Ardenne, France. Through such experiences, the landscapes he encounters continue to influence his work.

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