Scott J. Menaul

Scott J. Menaul had a long-standing interest in math, science, art, and photography. In his youth, he built pinhole cameras with shoe boxes and aluminum foil to create dreamy black-and-white images.

He went on to study electrical and computer engineering in college, but still maintained an interest in art. It was during his studies that he discovered the work of Joan Miró. The combination of abstraction and surrealism provoked an epiphany that there are limitless possibilities expressed in art. This realization inspired a shift in his point of view. He came to recognize the limitless possibilities in life.

After a short career in electrical engineering, Scott moved into advertising photography and graphic design. He began creating fine art using 3D and illustration programs. He debuted his artwork at the Boston Cyberarts Festival in 1999.

Scott’s artwork is spiritual in nature. It is influenced by diverse forms of art, improvisational jazz, Eastern philosophy, and spiritual studies. Much of his artwork contains glass-like objects which reflect, refract, and seemingly transmit light and color. Scott likened these objects – sometimes spheres, cubes, pyramids, or other shapes – to the human spirit. Like them, the human spirit reflects, refracts, transmits, and adds to the world around it.

He believed

“We are spiritual beings in human form learning to overcome human limitation. We are here to have an experience; and to love, live and help others…Art plays a vital part in our life experience…to communicate feelings that cannot be communicated through words. Looking in even broader terms, life is communication. Art can “touch” one on a high aesthetic plane that transcends the physical plane and reaches from one spiritual being to another.”

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