William Castner

William Castner has been producing fine art photography for more than three decades. He developed his style while enrolled at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. His interests span myriad subjects: abstract, architecture, botanicals, landscapes, and still life. To all William brings an intimate sense of measured precision.

Regarding his creative process, William relates

“whenever I lift the camera to my eye, all that matters in the moment is what I view through the lens. It is an emotional experience for me every time. Whether the smallest detail of a stunning flower in my flower series or the splendor of a landscape, I want to capture and share what I see.”

William recognizes the significant impact of images. His photography has lightened hearts and brought hope to those in healthcare settings going through difficult and stressful times. This influence extends to the ability of images to transform our attitude towards our environment. When working on his landscape series, he hopes that his images “may inspire others to preserve what they see, for this land depends so entirely upon the ‘kindness of strangers’.”

William’s photography is exhibited in regional galleries; and held in healthcare, hospitality, corporate, and private collections across the United States. His photos have been included in photo expos traveling to Japan, Australia, and numerous European capitals and U.S. cities.

William’s work on the American West was profiled in Cowboys & Indians Magazine. In addition, his photography is published in magazines, newspapers, and textbooks as well as posters, calendars, and cards.

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