Benjamin Grant (Daily Overview)

Benjamin Grant launched the Daily Overview in 2013. The term “overview” refers to the “overview effect”, a term coined by Frank White in 1987. It describes the profound emotional experience of astronauts when they look at earth from space. From that vantage, they can appreciate the planet as a whole, and reflect on both its beauty and fragility.
The “overviews” created by Benjamin and his team primarily focus on the places where human activity has shaped the landscape. These include agricultural development, transportation systems, dwellings, power structures, resource extraction, recreational spaces, and waste disposal. More than an aesthetic image, these views are meant to inspire a dramatic shift in our perspective of the planet and our relationship to it. They offer a different perspective about
“the intricacy of the things we have constructed, the sheer complexity of the systems we have developed, and the impact that we have had on the planet.”
Benjamin and his team choose the structures and systems for their ability to convey that impact. They discover the locations and corresponding geo-coordinates through research. The views are created from DigitalGlobe’s 15-year time-lapse image library. Through the flatness, systematic organization, and vibrant colors of the images, the team hopes to evoke contemplation of what we’re viewing and consideration of what that means for our planet.
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