Harv Greenberg

Harv Greenberg put his dreams on hold. Then one day in his practice as a radiologist, he met a patient whose journey forever changed his outlook: a young man whose seemingly benign nagging chest pain was in reality terminal lung cancer. Greenberg writes:

His story is a reminder to us all that each day must be viewed as a very special gift.

I’ve witnessed hundreds of patients whose lives have been abruptly changed by a life-altering or life-ending diagnosis. At times we may convince ourselves that we are immortal and that cancer or some other catastrophe only affects others, but in reality, we have no guarantees in this life. Time is too short to get lost in a blur of days, weeks and months.

And so I began to think more seriously about all those overseas adventures waiting for me, and soon enough, I grabbed my cameras and voyaged to all seven continents. I’ve observed Tibetan monks in prayer, hiked up the Virunga mountains of Rwanda to marvel at the Silverback gorillas in their natural habitat and watched Bengal tigers cool off in a shallow lake to escape India’s searing heat.

Through his images, Greenberg communicates his experience of the mysterious, the wondrous, and the breathtaking, providing a source of joy and fascination that inspires us to follow our own dreams and aspirations.

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