The Design Challenge

An interior space well lit by either natural or artificial lighting, potentially high traffic, that competes for attention with a variety of distractions – visual, mental, or emotional. Or the durability of the artwork is a priority and it needs to be able to withstand constant cleaning, curious fingers and hands, or environments that see greater heat and humidity. From a purely aesthetic perspective, an organization that wants to communicate a modern and innovative, but still human-centric, personality. Something that blends ‘traditional’ with ‘contemporary’.

The Solution

Acrylic offers durability, versatility, and brilliance. Made of a synthetic polymer material, acrylic art is able to handle both heat and humidity without trouble. Acrylic is also resistant to liquids and can stand up to frequent cleanings and wipe-downs.

Aesthetically, acrylic art possesses unique properties that amplify and enhance the interplay between light and the artwork. When light enters the translucent material it reflects and refracts, enhancing the vibrancy and luminescence of colors, while emphasizing details and imagery. Ultimately, this produces a clean, transitional look of exceptional clarity and style.

Design Recommendations

Acrylic offers a variety of options, each well suited for specific looks, concepts, and different interior spaces.

The thicker the acrylic, the greater the interaction between light and the artwork.¼” acrylic is a fantastic all-purpose solution that balances cost with performance. 3/8” acrylic is however recommended for signature pieces installed in prominent spaces like lobbies or entrances, or conference rooms. 1/8” non-glare polycarbonate panels with ¼” acrylic back panels are standard for changeable acrylic pieces.

For areas that have a great deal of natural light, clear acrylic with no backing and mounted using stainless steel standoffs (“pucks”) can create a luminescent ‘back-lit’ look. For areas with less light, or for when one wants colors to really ‘pop’, acrylic with white backing is the perfect solution.

For higher end applications, layered acrylic pieces combine a high definition art print with a vinyl backer (can be either white or black), sandwiched between two acrylic panels. The combination of these elements produces art pieces with stunning clarity and vibrant colors.

Product Specifications

Acrylic art offers a wide variety of thickness, backing, material, and mounting options.

Technical specifications and requirements are however consistent across all acrylic art pieces regardless of selected options. All edges are polished by default, and the artwork is typically mounted using 4-6 (depending on size) holes/standoffs. All artwork is giclée printed.

For specific technical specifications, click the below link to download the acrylic product info sheet.