Pediatric Hospital Design

A look at what goes into designing for pediatric facilities from a designers perspective.

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Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Suite

A look at taking a more abstract approach while incorporating the typical human form expected within this setting to create a calming environment.

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Independent Senior Living

Independent senior living communities are geared towards encouraging active lifestyles, curious minds, and an undiminished drive to explore.

Thus, it’s essential that today’s independent senior living communities feature art programs designed to meet those needs.

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New Healthcare Facilities

New healthcare construction always provides exciting opportunities to fully align healing spaces with the healing mission. A large hospital in central Florida was completing work on new facilities designed to modernize and enhance healthcare delivery and the patient experience, and they knew they needed their new spaces to reflect and support those goals.

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St. Thomas Clinic, Gallatin, TN

New healthcare construction spanning two floors, a diversity of spaces, and a multitude of design goals. Take A Look

Saint Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute

Using meaningful works of art to enhance the physical environment and provide points of connection that help patients, families, and staff deal with the challenging circumstances they are faced with in a rehabilitation setting.

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