Central Florida

Inspired by the wetlands of central Florida, this collection includes a range of work in which artists explore ways to capture nature. From representations of native plants and animals to abstract landscapes, it aims to show the many ways that an experience of nature can be evoked through a work of art, whether through subject matter, color, or organic, abstract forms.

Pediatrics: Brooklyn, New York

Pediatric art programs can incorporate a number of approaches to create a dynamic installation accessible to children of various ages and backgrounds. The programs of facilities that take an approach that emphasizes photographs of local sites and nature can strategically employ fine art to complement to such works. Carefully selected fine art can lend the art program enough variety to keep children and parents engaged and stimulated. It can become a means of introducing works of art as a cultural resource as well as a means of navigating age differences and preferences.

This collection of fine art takes Brooklyn, New York, as its starting point for a selection of works that introduce different approaches to representation and subject matter that can appeal to a range of ages.

Behavioral Health, Idaho

Behavioral health encompasses a variety of settings and diagnoses. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to art programs, but research suggests that nature art is an important aspect of the environment. While the idea of nature artwork may seem self-explanatory, the diversity of artistic approaches to representing the natural world means that one artwork may be more fitting than another. Through research and communication, the selection of nature art can respect the context and culture of the organization and its communities while contributing to an environment in which the safety and dignity of patients are ensured.

Art & Oncology

Art may seem trivial when confronted by a life-altering or threatening disease. But it’s not. Studies have demonstrated the positive impact art can have on a person’s mind, body, and spirit. This can help shape a collection of art that can speak to individuals throughout all their seasons of survivorship, either as a distraction or, through its symbolic potential, restoration. The symbolic possibilities of landscape imagery also offer the opportunity to include nature-informed abstract art for those that find it a valuable resource for meditation, inspiration, and understanding.

A New England Setting


Nature has inspired artists through the millennia. Our natural surroundings exert a powerful and subtle effect on our sense of self and sense of place. Realistic or abstract, symbolic or literal, representations of nature stimulate a wide range of associations. The beautiful aspects of our environments have the capacity to positively stimulate both mind and spirit.

Pediatrics, Alaska


Whether story, myth, or legend, animal tales appear across time and cultures. This curated selection grew out of the whimsical and playful scenes inspired by northern forests, where woodland creatures inhabit the waking and dreaming worlds.

These imaginative settings are juxtaposed with documentary-style local photography and other fine art. Together, the pictures serve as a vehicle for storytelling and learning for curious, young minds.