The Design Challenge

Windows that look out on a rooftop filled with HVAC equipment. Interior transparent walls or partitions that protect audible privacy, but not visual. Or an exam or treatment room where the patient stares up at a drop-ceiling and interior lighting.

The Impact

An experiential vacuum. A series of lost opportunities to create truly amazing human experiences. Unsightly exterior views that detract from the care and thought put into the design of interior spaces. Wasted moments that could have been used to distract from stress or pain. Office spaces that do little in the way of providing visual isolation and privacy, or provide little to no reduction in visual environmental distractions.

The Solution

Films are economical and versatile solutions that can easily solve for a wide range of interior design, aesthetic, and work environment challenges.

Window films adhere directly to interior glass or exterior windows. Perfect for masking unsightly exterior views while creating engaging visual experiences as the artwork is illuminated by posterior light.

In addition to helping control glare and light intensity, window films also make effective visual privacy screens that are easy to install and offer a more attractive and effective alternative to other window privacy solutions.

Ceiling films are similar to window films, but designed to be installed over interior ceiling lighting.

Design Recommendations

Window Films

There are three types of window film, ‘clear’, ‘translucent’, and ‘opaque’.

Clear window films have no opaque backing, which allows for the greatest illumination with the least background obfuscation. Clear films are perfect for when one wants to incorporate outside natural scenery with the selected artwork, or, when one wants to maximize the amount of light allowed through the film.

Translucent films have an opaque background which allows for good illumination, while offering greater background masking and obfuscation.

Opaque films allow no light to pass through, and so offers the highest level of external light management. Opaque films also offer complete background masking and obfuscation.

Ceiling films are wonderful for creating natural looking scenes. Consider images of clouds, the sky, or tree canopies.

Product Specifications

All films and wallcoverings are printed at high-resolution to assure crisp and detailed images.

For specific technical specifications, click the below link to download the window and ceiling films product info sheet.