Why Does Art in Healthcare Matter?

We interact with our surroundings using sight, sound, and touch. This allows our environment to shape how we feel, what we think, and what we do.

Healthcare, more than any other field, depends on environments that reflect comfort, serenity, hope, and safety in order to stimulate and nurture those feelings in the human beings who inhabit those spaces.

A well designed evidence-based healthcare art program does just that.

It’s About Building Connections

Connecting human beings with the thoughts and emotions that help them feel better, healthcare art programs are able to directly influence a patient’s ability to heal.

Aesthetic Diversity Matters!

Whether for an entire facility, a department, or a waiting area, we believe an important aspect of art for healthcare is a diversity of artwork. This means applying concepts like:

  • Utilizing different materials and substrates
  • Incorporating art pieces of different sizes
  • Considering the application of imagery or color palette themes for different floors or departments
  • Combining wall art with other types of art like sculpture or digital art
  • Incorporating artwork that is representative of different cultures
  • Custom commissions that uniquely celebrate the people who define the local healthcare community

Our design team has expertise working with all art mediums, including wall art on different materials such as wood and metal, mobiles, indoor and outdoor sculpture, and multimedia commissioned pieces. They understand the challenges and opportunities of spaces like atriums, lobbies, and exterior settings.

Great American has been helping clients meet the ever-changing needs of human-centric healthcare for over 30 years. We’d love to help you make a vital difference in the lives and experiences of your patients, their families, and your staff.