Dynamic Abstraction

Dynamic, active contemporary abstraction can inspire creativity and intellectual stimulation for employees; and shape and boost an enterprising, innovative brand image.

Communication & Connection

Art is increasingly understood as an important part of creating aesthetically enhanced spaces that aim to increase employee satisfaction. It can be in a variety of media and modes of representation, from realism to abstraction; and it can introduce and establish a cohesive theme that is carried throughout the interior.  This collection is inspired by the themes of communication and connection through the play of visual elements in abstract works, demonstrating how art can reinforce and communicate values and identity in a symbolic or iconic way.

St. Augustine, Florida

As the oldest continuously inhabited city in the US (and site of what 16th century explorer Ponce de Leon believed was the Fountain of Youth) this collection of images of St. Augustine and its environs is inspired by the history, nature, and architecture of the city.

New Mexico


The rich history and cultural influences of New Mexico fuel a creative synergy expressed in various ways. Among these is the distinctive Pueblo-style architecture of the region. In this gallery, the architecture is sometimes the subject of the artwork. In other instances, it is the backdrop against which subjects drawn from culture and nature are foregrounded.

Inspired by the harmony sought between Pueblo-style buildings and their natural surroundings, nature photography and abstract landscapes capture the dramatic environs of the state.

Mid-Century-Inspired Abstracts


Various forms of abstract art proliferated in the mid-20th century – in terms of both nonrepresentational images and conceptual approaches to art. The nonrepresentational art in this gallery reflects different traditions of abstraction. There are works that explore geometric forms and lines, and those that emphasize the expressive. Decorative works featuring abstracted forms and rich color invoke folk art.