Navy, Hawaii

In this collection, nature images, many of which are aerial views of the rich land- and seascapes of Hawaii, are juxtaposed with historical and contemporary shots of sea and air crafts in a nod to the air, surface, and undersea work of the Navy.

Air Force, Nevada

This collection of images plays upon the parallels found in the formations of cloudscapes and landscapes, while paying homage to the history of aircraft.

Maritime & Rail

Capturing industrial structures in a documentary style became firmly established in photographic practice in the 1920s. This approach has expanded and transformed as artists find new ways to look at the relationship between industries, economies, and environments. A common thread throughout, however, is often the overlooked beauty of form and function.

Washington, D.C.

From city planning and landscape design to art and architecture, our material culture is a repository of memories and the stories we tell ourselves as a culture. They encapsulate the intangible: the values, beliefs, and ideas of a time and place. The nation’s capital is the site of iconic monuments, art, and buildings. Embedded in these objects are the many layers of American history, exuding meaning of the past and reflection on the present.