The Design Challenge

An interior or exterior space with potentially high traffic calling for an edgier, more industrial, appeal. The durability of the artwork is a priority and it needs to be able to withstand constant cleaning, or environments that see greater heat and humidity. From a purely aesthetic perspective, an organization that wants to communicate a modern and innovative look with a luminous quality.

The Solution

Direct printing to raw aluminum creates a visual experience that is neither shy, nor subtle about character with a modern look and feel.

Design Recommendations

Easily one of the most unique options, aluminum offers a sleek and stunning finish. It is a great option where durability is concerned and can be mounted using several methods depending on the desired design effect.

This option gives the metallic look you’d expect to see in an aluminum sign. With the right image, the lightest light reveals the natural texture of the material, giving a luminous quality to the image.

If brining out colors in a piece is more important than the prominence of the natural texture, a white backing is an available option. Both sides of this material are by default white, therefore wherever your design is not printed, the default white will show through.

Product Specifications

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a rigid sheet made of two pre-painted sheets of .012” aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Light in weight, yet highly durable, ACM sheets are often used for outdoor and indoor signage and channel letter backings, as well as wall liners and insulation.

Aluminum composite material is easily routed, cut, or roll-formed, making it a material of choice for architectural faces and building cladding, or even as a replacement for steel. ACM also lays flatter than traditional aluminum sheet, reducing oil canning and rippling effects, while being more cost effective than aluminum sheet in the same gauge.