Charleston, South Carolina

The oldest city in South Carolina, the port city of Charleston is shaped by the meeting and merging of various rich cultural practices. This collection is inspired by its history, gardens, architecture, and craft traditions.

Great Plains


The open spaces of the Great Plains region lend themselves to minimalist photography that uses positive and negative space to cinematic effect. Abstract fine art complements the colors and compositional spaces of these simultaneously calming and arresting perspectives. Cityscapes and landscapes with rural structures extend the visual language established by the minimalist and abstract works.

The curated selection seeks to express a balance between dynamism and stability.

San Antonio, Texas


In San Antonio, the historic and contemporary sit side-by-side amongst a colorful blend of cultures.

In this gallery, architectural details of historic structures are paired with contemporary cityscapes. The vibrant palettes, shapes, and patterns found throughout the city inform the abstract works and botanical photography.