Acoustic Tile

Acoustic panel art offers a ‘best of both worlds’ solution. Not only does it provide commercial-grade ambient and environmental noise management, combining the acoustic tile with beautiful artwork allow the tile to be placed front and center in a space optimizing the visual and aural impact.

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Acrylic art presents a contemporary look that reflects modernity , vibrancy, and crisp, detailed imagery. Acrylic also offers a wide variety of options, thicknesses, and finishes, that allow for high customization and tailoring for a variety of spaces and environments. Learn More


Direct printing to raw aluminum creates a visual experience that is neither shy, nor subtle about character with a modern look and feel. Learn More


Custom framed, float framed, or gallery wrapped, canvas offers a wide range of looks from contemporary to traditional, while projecting a familiar, organic look and feel. Learn More


Framed prints offer a traditional look with a variety of size options. Frames add elegance, texture, and color to an interior space.

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Economical without having to sacrifice image quality or durability. PVC is also the perfect solution when wanting to maximize wall coverage without maximizing costs. Learn More

Wallcovering & Wall Protection

For when you need to cover a lot of wallspace, but need a solution that can provide crisp, high-resolution imagery, while also being able to easily stand up to the rigors of day-to-day. Learn More

Window & Ceiling Films

Art isn’t just for wall space! Window and ceiling films offer beautiful solutions that can incorporate natural and artificial lighting into vibrant and engaging visual experiences. Films also offer a variety of opacity options that allow for control over light pass-through, amount of background obfuscation, and privacy. Learn More

Request Our Substrate Sample Pack

Want to take a closer look at these substrates? Request our Substrate Sample Pack using the form below (please note this is for marketing purposes only and does not contain supplies or tools for the creation of art). It is designed to provide a hands-on experience, and help showcase how colors and images interact on different materials. We hope it will also spark an idea you may not have thought of! “I didn’t know you could do this with art!” is something we hear a lot. It’s an exciting moment.