Memory Care, Boston, MA

This collection of images of Boston, Massachusetts builds upon the recommendation that pictures with familiar regional content are best for individuals with cognitive impairment. Using the historic Boston Common as a starting point, it includes images of nature as well as scenes from some of the city’s neighborhoods. Developing an art program for memory care offers a wonderful opportunity to delve more deeply into the history and culture of a local area to find those places that are relevant and meaningful across generations – creating a setting that helps forge connections between those with cognitive challenges and their carers and visitors.

Independent Living, Utah

Communal areas in independent living typically support connections between people and their environment. Artwork in a communal setting can support the creation of a positive connection by transforming a ‘space’ into a ‘place’. This collection inspired by Utah can mark and fill a space, adding texture and providing sensory pleasure while communicating and inspiring stories that promote imaginative and emotional engagement.

Independent & Assisted Living, North Carolina

Defined by a wide range of landscapes, the natural diversity of North Carolina lends itself to images that encourage a sense of connection with nature. This collection focuses on nature and the interaction between nature and built structures.

Independent & Assisted Living, California


The coastlines, hills, flora, and other environmental elements of California are the inspiration for this gallery. These are complemented by abstract and figurative fine art, the latter of which offers perspectives on connection and relationships. The works included here seek to capture the atmosphere and emotion of scenes through a play of light, color, and space.

Memory Care


Concrete objects and their imagery can anchor memory. A simplicity and clarity of visual language characterizes the images of everyday objects and nature included in this gallery. It includes vintage photographs of daily life as inspiration for the creation of personalized memory boards.