Great American’s Role

Great American Art compliments those efforts by transforming spaces with consideration of the physical and cognitive changes that may come with the aging process.

Through art programs that stimulate curious and creative minds, motivate to overcome challenges, and help rediscover happy memories, our design team connects residents to the vibrant life within them.



The Goal

Senior living facilities and healthcare providers work hard to create accommodating and comfortable environments for those with the desire or need to move into a senior living setting, their families, and staff.

We Don’t Do Cookie-Cutter Solutions

Every senior living community is unique, and is a reflection of the people who live and work there. Our job as designers is to create spaces that reflect the personalities, interests, and individual backgrounds of each community.

Art also provides us with incredible tools through which we can reach and engage with residents who struggle with physical or memory challenges.

Discovering New Boundaries to Explore

Residents who enjoy independent living have active minds and active bodies that need new horizons to explore, and new experiences to engage and stimulate them. Interior and exterior spaces demand art that not only captures the imagination, but also encourages and nurtures new discoveries, new purpose, and new fulfillment.

Inspiration for the Continued Pursuit of a Joyful Life

Vision, mobility, and other physical changes can be frustrating for seniors and their families. Great American’s design approach focuses on creating spaces that tangibly reflect comfort, reassurance, and motivation with engaging art that can be enjoyed by seniors who face these challenges and those who care for them.

Reconnecting With Treasured Memories Through Art

Conditions that affect memory and cognition like Alzheimer’s and dementia can be sources of tremendous confusion, anxiety, and stress for the seniors who wrestle with them, their families, and their primary caregivers. But they can find a strong ally in evidence-based and period-focused art programs that work to connect patients and residents with deep rooted, long term memories.