You Need Art. Now What?

Art is an essential part of interior design. Yet, it can be difficult for architecture and design professionals to find art experts to help realize their vision. That’s where Great American Art comes in.


Our A&D Flow Is Wicked Awesome

With over 40 years of experience, we are allies to professionals looking for holistic art expertise. We understand the challenges architects and designers face to finish a project. We work with you to source the art that makes your space impactful, and we deliver end-to-end ownership of all art elements on time and on budget.

We measure our success in part by how many additional hours of sleep you’re now able to get at night.

Listen + Learn = A Great Start

At the beginning of any project, what we think and know takes an immediate backseat to what you envision, and what you need to deliver to your client. You’ve made a promise. We’re committed to helping you keep it.

We Love It When a Plan Comes Together

We like certain surprises. A surprise birthday party, a surprise lottery win. But this isn’t the time for surprises. After we’ve developed a deep understand of the role you need us to play, and what you need us to deliver, we bring all of our superpowers to bear to build the blueprint.

Owning every step from image selection and floor plan layouts to driving collaboration and alignment, we can move quickly, but never at the cost of precision.

Now The Magic Happens

We don’t throw the ball back over any walls once we reach the production stage. We own all of it. Production, manufacturing, logistics, and installation. The buck stops with us, unless you want that installed too. Maybe as part of a custom 3/8″ acrylic piece. We can make it happen.