Southern California

Drawing upon the legacy of California art that emerged in the mid-20th century, this collection pays homage to the light and space movement and pop art to create a vibrant, colorful, and experimental mood.

Art & Wellness

The impact of wellness on hospitality design offers the opportunity to create art programs that bring together wellness and place in a memorable experience. Art can promote a deeper relationship between people and place. Inspired by trees, this urban retreat collection seeks to evoke a connection between mind, body, and environment as well as the transformational and relaxation experiences offered in such spaces.


With mountains, prairies, and badlands, Montana has inspired indigenous and cowboy poetry that considers life in these landscapes – from their beauty to their solitude. This collection takes its cue from the evocative reflections of artists and poets through abstract and expressive meditations on nature and culture.



American painter Martin Johnson Heade (1819-1904) had an enthusiasm for natural history and exploration characteristic of the Victorian period (1837-1901) in both Great Britain and the United States. Several trips to Central and South America inspired the included compositions featuring hummingbirds and flowers. His emphasis on mood and the effects of light set the tone for this gallery.

Inspired by creative movements on both sides of the pond, this selection features imagery of the natural world, photographs manipulated to create artistic images, and subject matter and patterns influenced by earlier ages and global cultures. A sense of the romanticism that continued to influence the era runs throughout.

Pop and the City


Pop art has continued to influence artists around the world since its beginnings in the 1950s. Its legacy includes images of mass-produced products, celebrities, visual tropes from comic books, vivid color, repetition, and surrealistic juxtapositions. In this gallery, the artwork evokes the experience of city environments and makes the familiar unusual through unexpected combinations of images and media.