The Design Challenge

A space requires a large art piece due to its size and total wall surface area. Or a facility needs a large number of smaller pieces to be used throughout the facility. In both cases, budgets are extremely tight, and there is concern that a sub-standard art program will need to be settled for because of it

The Impact

Two worst case scenarios. Either the pursuit of an impactful art program is abandoned, or, a sub-standard art program that consists of lower quality images, smaller and fewer pieces, and the lack of framing options, delivers a sub-standard experience that nobodyis terribly happy with.

The Solution


Delivering a modern, contemporary look that is closer to acrylic than canvas, PVC offers an economical solution that doesn’t sacrifice image quality, aesthetics or durability.

PVC can be hung unframed, or, can be customized with the same framing options that are available for canvas and print solutions, including float framed.

Additionally, PVC can be cut into custom shapes, opening the doors for creative installation concepts.

Design Recommendations

Any time budget is a concern, consider PVC.

It’s also best used where a more modern look can work. The natural satin finish coupled with the fact that the material takes ink incredibly well and produces beautiful rich and vibrant colors, PVC isn’t a good choice where more subdued statements are needed or wanted.

But for spaces that demand bold and brilliant, PVC can be the perfect choice.

Product Specifications

All PVC art pieces are giclée printed at maximum resolution to produce crisp and detailed images.

For specific technical specifications, click the below link to download the PVC product info sheet.