Mission-Based Art

The Aspire Collection from Great American Art has been curated specifically to feature art from organizations and artists who are working to drive positive change in the lives of the artists themselves, for the communities they serve, and for our shared planet.

Why ‘Aspire’?

We are inspired by the impact that art has on human perceptions of wellness, well-being, health, and feelings of comfort and hope.

We are inspired by organizations that embrace art as a means of better connecting with the employees and staff who define those organizations.

We are inspired by art with the mission to “Do Good”.

Through the Aspire collection, we are passionate about using this platform to forge partnerships with our clients. Partnerships that directly support the incredible artists featured throughout the collection.

Working together, Great American and our clients are able to empower artists’ lives through a celebration of their artistry. Enabling these artists to create even more amazing artwork, while we enrich our own spaces and lives with their art.

The ArtLifting Line

Based in Boston, MA, ArtLifting works with artists across the country who wrestle with a diverse range of challenges. Challenges like mental illness, physical impairments, PTSD, and housing uncertainty.

55% of all proceeds generated by art sales go directly to the artist. 1% of profits are donated to organizations that provide direct care, support, and services for many of these artists.

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