The Art Sample Pack from Great American Art includes:

- Canvas

- Acrylic

- Aluminum

- Wallpaper

- Window Film

- Vinyl

- Acoustic Tile

- And More...!

Art on canvas is classic, elegant and timeless.

But it's not your only option.

Using a diverse range of materials not only expands your design options, but it strengthens the positive impact of your entire art program.

The FREE Art Sample Pack from Great American Art has been designed to offer a hands-on experience with all of our premium material options. 

Request yours today, and discover the key to building amazing human experiences.


So...what is a 'substrate' anyway? 

Simple! It's the stuff the art is put on. 

How is the art 'put on' the substrate?

In most cases, the art is reproduced directly on the substrate. The only exception to this are the 'sandwich' acrylic options. In this case, the art is printed on premium gallery-grade paper, and placed (i.e. 'sandwiched') between the acrylic sheets.

What's the reason for so many types of substrates, and why should I care?

Each substrate has its own properties and unique benefits. In some cases, a single substrate can be the optimal solution for a project, depending on budget and design requirements.

In most cases though, mixing and matching different substrates not only unlocks the potential to create more engaging and impactful experiences, but it can also expand creative options while helping to better deliver on the vision for a particular space. For example: 

Canvas is both timeless and elegant, and offers different options for different looks. Want a modern look? Consider gallery wrapped canvas art. Want more of a transitional look? Take a look at float-framed canvas art.


For a classic, traditional look, go no further than a beautiful piece of art set within a perfectly matched frame. Our custom framing capabilities offer hundreds of framing and matting options. 

Framed Art

Want the perfect marriage of form and function? Acoustic Art combines premium acoustic panels with beautiful art, allowing you to easily create environments that cater to eyes AND ears.

Have an especially loud or resonant room you'd love to tame, while also driving an incredible aesthetic experience? This is your answer.

Acoustic Tile

"What can't be done", is an easier question to answer than "What can be done?". Because the answer to "What can be done?" is 'almost anything you can imagine'. Crisp, custom, high-resolution images printed on premium-grade wall covering suitable for any environment, can help you create anything from intimate spaces, to stunning murals.


Acrylic provides a sleek, clean, and contemporary feel which works well in modern or transitional settings. Acrylic is also perfect for well-lit spaces, allowing the art to interact beautifully with the light. 


Window films offer the perfect opportunity to take advantage of natural light to illuminate beautiful artwork, while also helping to control the light's glare and intensity within an interior space. Films are also a great way to help bring the outside in, to create natural, organic spaces.

Window Film

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