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The definition of Innovative is “featuring new methods; advanced and original.” Creating experiences with art, using new methods to advance your mission, message, and vision, is how to make your spaces become destinations that leave an impression on the community you serve. This comes from looking at art programs as more than just images to break up wall space, but rather as the building blocks of creating long lasting experiences.


Your space in unlike any other, and therefore should be as unique as the community it serves. Make your spaces stand out in the industry by creating an immersive experience that affects the mind, body, and spirit of those that inhabit it. Art is more than just a pretty picture on a wall, it infuses a feeling, a state of mind, and a sense of connection.


Healthcare, more than any other field, depends on environments that reflect comfort, serenity, hope, and safety in order to stimulate and nurture those feelings in the community who inhabit those spaces.  A well-designed evidence-based design healthcare art program does just that.  Using research to evaluate the types of art that will enhance your vision for the space means it is done right the first time giving your community the experience you envision.

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