Aging brings with it biological, psychological, cognitive, and social changes. Older adults, however, are not a one-size-fits-all group. The experience of aging varies from person to person, but from the perspective of the ecology of aging, older adulthood is a phase in life greatly influenced by the physical environment. It’s these surroundings that can pose significant challenges but can also increase opportunities, and while the impact of artwork is often discounted as a component of the environment, it exerts influence on the individuals who inhabit senior living communities. Care and consideration in its selection and placement in independent senior living can contribute to a positive environment that responds to the changes that come with age while offering community and connection. Developing an art program for memory care offers a wonderful opportunity to delve more deeply into the history and culture of a local area to find those places that are relevant and meaningful across generations – creating a setting that helps forge connections between those with cognitive challenges and their carers and visitors. Beautiful nature, local, and regional artworks remove barriers between seniors in assisted living settings dealing with mobility issues and the world they wish to stay connected to. We at Great American Art pay close attention to the diverse needs of art for these increasingly diverse communities; from independent living to assisted living to memory care, and the variety of niche communities in between. Our focus is to create a unique environment for the community you serve, turning a ‘space’ into a ‘place’.

Great American Art At-A-Glance

Great American Art has been providing turn-key art and evidence-based design solutions to businesses of every shape, size, and budget, nation-wide for over 40 years. We serve a diverse range of industries that includes healthcare, senior living, corporate, government, hospitality, and education. We are members of the Premier network of vendors, and we are able to sell on the GSA schedule.

Our Expertise

Our end to end capabilities include:
  • Art Consultation
  • Art Program Curation
  • Research-driven Art Design for Internal and External Spaces
  • Art Sourcing
  • Custom Art Commissions
  • Artist Management
  • Art Production & Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Art Installation


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