The HCD Expo and Conference is an opportunity to learn the latest in research, trends, and strategies in the healthcare design industry. It provides comprehensive, carefully planned content, along with inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, facility tours, networking, and not to mention the exhibit hall – where you can see us!

Research has shown that certain art can help patients handle their pain, fear, and stress, and improve well-being. This positive effect can also extend to the staff and visitors. It’s this belief in evidence-based design, for healthcare design especially, that underlies our design philosophy. Come meet some of our team members at the show and discuss how we can help guide you through the process of creating a research-based art program.

Our booth will feature a special project we’re hoping you’ll be a part of! Come check it out!

Get more information on design for

Get more information on design for

We serve a range of industries that include healthcare, senior living, corporate, government, hospitality, and education. We believe a well-designed art program is a combination of colors forms, themes, and media – exceeding the expectations of all involved.

We’re a team of artists, scholars, musicians, and creatives, who have a passion for art, and a passion for people. We strongly believe that transforming spaces through beautiful and engaging art forges positive connections between people and the spaces they inhabit, while also helping them to connect with one another. As all of our work is research driven, we remain in a constant pursuit of knowledge, and actively contribute to on-going research efforts in the evidence-based design field.

Our Expertise

Our end-to-end capabilities include:

  • Art Consultation
  • Art Program Curation
  • Art Design for Internal & External Spaces
  • Art Sourcing
  • Artwork Project Management
  • Custom Art Commissions
  • Artist Management
  • Art Production & Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Art Installation