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Why Does Art in Healthcare Matter?

We interact with our surroundings using sight, sound, and touch. This allows our environment to shape how we feel, what we think, and what we do.

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Why Does Art Matter in Senior Living?

Our job as designers is to create spaces that reflect the unique personalities, interests, and individual backgrounds of each community we serve. Art  provides us with incredible tools through which we can foster communication as well as reach residents who struggle with physical or memory challenges.

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Our Expertise

Our end-to-end capabilities include:

  • Art Consultation
  • Art Program Curation
  • Art Design for Internal & External Spaces
  • Art Sourcing
  • Artwork Project Management
  • Custom Art Commissions
  • Artist Management
  • Art Production & Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Art Installation

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Art Inspiration for Healthcare

Inspired by the wetlands of central Florida, this collection includes a range of work in which artists explore ways to capture nature. From representations of native plants and animals to abstract landscapes, it aims to show the many ways that an experience of nature can be evoked through a work of art, whether through subject matter, color, or organic, abstract forms. See more collections.

Communal areas in independent living typically support connections between people and their environment. Artwork in a communal setting can support the creation of a positive connection by transforming a ‘space’ into a ‘place’. This collection inspired by Utah can mark and fill a space, adding texture and providing sensory pleasure while communicating and inspiring stories that promote imaginative and emotional engagement. See more collections.